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Osteopathy is essentially an effective form of diagnosis and treatment for pain and dysfunction in the body. At its most simplest, an osteopath is someone who is rigorously trained for over four years and has an in-depth specialist knowledge of human anatomy and the functional workings of the muscles and joints in the body, and their links to the nervous system.

Most osteopaths’ take a holistic approach to the body, rather than just looking at a patient’s issue in isolation. Each person is then treated as an individual, taking into account their lifestyle, habits and unique physical make up.

The ultimate aim of osteopathy is to reduce pain, return the body to its optimum state of health and show patients how to stay there.
What we do

Our practioner Sue Ahearne is a qualified osteopathic therapist, with additional knowledge of naturopathic medicine and over twenty years’ experience in the field. She started her career as a sports massage therapist, and then studied osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.

She believes that everybody has an innate healing power, which is enhanced by osteopathic techniques ranging from soft tissue and bony manipulations through to gentle cranial mobilisations.


Sue Ahearne is a fully accredited member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

Osteopaths train for four years, and must all be registered with a professional membership organisation to ensure a high standard of professionalism and training. Sue is also a member of the Royal Society of Medicine.


Osteopathy is beneficial for people of all ages and genders and it is helpful for a wide range of conditions.

The conditions listed as follows are recognised by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) osteopaths as those which osteopaths are able to treat, and for which there is proven benefit:

• General aches and painsAcute and chronic back pain
• Uncomplicated mechanical neck pain
• Headache arising from the neck/migraine prevention
• Frozen shoulder/shoulder and elbow pain/tennis elbow
• Circulatory problems
• Cramp
• Digestive problems
• Sciatica
• Muscle spasms
• Neuralgia
• Fibromyalgia
• Inability to relax
• Rheumatic pain
• Minor sports injuries and tensions

If you have a condition which is not listed here, that does not mean we cannot treat or help you however. Osteopaths are also trained to recognise what they are unable to treat and to suggest alternative practitioners or make referrals for further tests. Always contact the clinic for more information and advice.


Your first visit to Status Aesthetics will be approximately one hour long. A full case history will be taken and you will be examined.

You will be asked to remove your outer garments, though you may wear shorts or possibly loose fitting joggers to enable the osteopath to reach a diagnosis. Your osteopath will ask you questions about your lifestyle, posture, work and any sports activities. You will then be advised of their findings, and given a treatment plan.

Follow up treatments are 30 minutes each. Your progress is monitored, and holistic treatment will be given. You may be prescribed exercises or hydrotherapy to help with mobility and pain management.


Initial consultation which includes your full case history, gentle testing and treatment time permitting (up to one hour) £50
Follow up treatments (up to 30 minutes) £45
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